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Our Team

How big is your team?

We have a kick-ass team of 7 people that consists of social media managers, graphic designers, website developers and more, to make sure you have the best team behind you. 

Do you outsource any of your work?

We keep it all in the United States! You will always be speaking to an Uproot representative or manager and can rest assured all of it was done in-house.  

What services do you offer?

Our services include the following: Social Media Management, Social Media Advertising, Website Design, and Mobile Apps for Small Businesses.

Where are you guys located?

We have two co-working spaces in Atlanta. Most of our team works remotely, so we can offer you a fair price and pass on those savings to you. We’re moving into a beautiful private office at the WeWork in Buckhead, Atlanta soon! 🙂

Your Website 

What happens when my site goes down?

Your site is guaranteed to have 99% uptime! Our datacenters are in Atlanta and are Flywheel VPN servers that we use to host all of our sites. Along with WP Engine, it’s the cream of the crop for WordPress hosting. Our parent hosting company is GetFlywheel.com, and through them, we are able to offer 24/7 emergency customer service. On top of our uptime, we have 24/7 nightly backups with one click restores, in case something happens to your site. If also, by any chance you get hacked. We will fix it for free!

What does the hosting monthly plan come with? (website)

The beautiful thing about managed WordPress hosting is that Uproot handles all the nasty bits of hosting like updating your WordPress core and manually updating your plugins. We take care of all the details around performance, security, and updates, meaning you don’t need to configure anything to have a site that flies! On top of that, we also have nightly backups we store offshore so if anything happens, we can get your site up in a jiffy!

Is the website under my ownership?

Absolutely! You own 100% all of your rights to your website including your domain, plugins, content, and anything you on your website. We never hold your website hostage, and if you want to migrate, we’ll send you a ZIP file of your website so you can transition the migration smoother. 

Your Mobile App 

Do you publish the app to the Appstores for me?

Yes! We take care of all end to end task to ensure your mobile app is up and running in both stores. We take care of everything from publishing to maintenance/debugging. 

What does the monthly fee include?

Our monthly plan comes with our App dashboard that allows you to track and see all of the key data points of your users. It also allows you to update and enter new information into your app, keeping things fresh. This is all bundled with our maintenance services, to ensure that everything is up and running as smoothly as possible. If anything breaks, we’ll fix it. 

Social Media Management And Advertising

Will this work for my business?

If your target customer is on social media then yes. If you wish to grow your business into a brand then yes. Every day we improve the social accounts of businesses like yours and connect them with their audience through awesome content and engagement. 

Why do I need a advertising budget?

Though an advertising budget is not needed, it is highly suggested. An advertising budget allows us to boost the content we make for you and optimize it so it can reach your target audience in a much more powerful way. Without advertising, this process will take months which with a budget, we can help you get to the level of awareness that you need, much much quicker. 

Can you set up my social media accounts for me?

Yes, on top of optimizing your ads for you we can also create, design and optimize all of your accounts for massive awareness and brand consistency. 

How do I get started?

Give us a call or shoot us an email to get started. From there, you will be introduced to one of our marketing managers will get in contact with you to explore what can work best for your business. Shoot us an email here! contact@uprootonline.com

How will I know you're not wasting my Ad budget?

Your social media manager will be monitoring your advertising campaigns daily. If ads are not performing well, we will kill them and pivot your campaign.

In addition, your social media manager will be optimizing your campaign as time progress. In most situations, we are running A/B split tests in your ad campaign. This is the process of testing multiple variations of your ads, and the audiences for the ads. By testing different combinations of ads, we are more likely to identify areas of efficiency and create better-performing advertisements.

What kind of results can I expect from Facebook Ads?

The key performance indicators (KPI’s) we will look at is your website traffic and conversions (objective), We will evaluate how much traffic your website is receiving, and how many people actually converted into the desired objective, whether that be sales, visits, calls, bookings, etc. We will establish this at the beginning of the campaign process. 

Payment Policy

What forms of payment do you accept?

We accept all major credit cards (VISA, MasterCard, Discover, American Express). For annual payments, we can also invoice you for payment by check. You can mail us a check to PO Box 14626
Atlanta, Georgia, GA 30324

Do you outsource any of your work?

We keep it all in the United States! You will always be speaking to an Uproot representative or manager and can rest assured all of it was done in-house.  

What is your cancellation/refund policy

Due to the nature of our services, we have a non-refundable policy on our services. HOWEVER, since we believe in great work and our services. We will refund you every penny (minus ad-spend) if you decide mid-way through our first month that you are unhappy with the results. This is not applicable to any mobile app or web design projects. In the beginning, we are upfront and honest when we tell you that our company isn’t the best fit for your business. We enjoy under-promising & over delivering.

What are your contracts?

At Uproot there are no contracts, and we never lock people in. All plans with us are either month-to-month or annual and can be canceled at any time. We just ask that you give a 30-day heads up to explore your best options moving forward. 

Do you have a terms of service?

Yes, click here to read it. If you have any additional questions, please feel free to contact us at contact@uprootonline.com