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Target Your Leads With Facebooks Ads

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Get your brand in front of the right customers.

Our Uproot Facebook Ads team is going to analyze your goals and target audience, then formulate the best Facebook ad campaign strategy for you based on your objective. Whether it’s getting more sales to your online store or storefront. The possibilities are endless with Facebook ads. We will optimize for website clicks, impressions, reach or engagement. We’ll be able to show you how we’re spending your ad budget. We take charge of everything from creating your ad, installing the Facebook Pixel if needed, and executing the campaign.

Our process.


Finding that custom audience sweet spot

We’ll collaborate closely with you in order to understand your customer base and persona and how best to reach them.

Best design practices and copy for your ad

We’ll follow your branding and create your ad creative to grow your advertising and awareness returns.

Performance tracking and metrics that matter

We’ll give you the data points you’re looking for and make sure the project is headed toward your campaign objective.

Why should I use Facebook ads?

We’ll handle the following for you:

Campaign set up

Ad creation and demographic targeting.

Test multiple copy and ad creative for testing.

Manage bidding & maximize your ads budget.

Extremely powerful targeting

Target by regions, languages, interests, purchasing habits and much more.

Lead magnet

The nature of the Facebook ad experience encourages browsing and makes viewers more open to learning about a new service or product. Your ad set allows us to get very specific and only show your ads to Facebook users who fit the description of potential new customers.

Beautiful Advertisiments

We have a team full of creatives that will make sure the sponsored content we run is well defined by your brand guidelines.

A higher ROI than any other form of advertising

If done right, Facebook has proven time after time to have one of the highest ROI of any advertising method. Yes, even Google Adwords. Partner with us and we’ll make sure to execute your ideas.

We'll identify your ideal customers

We help you find the best audience to target and create an effective strategy to reach them through the best possible way. Creating custom and lookalike audiences can also be incorporated to reach the best demographic. 

We'll design professional looking ads

Our in-house team designs everything we need to launch your campaign and make it a success. Included for free with all our campaigns. We follow the best design practices and your branding if needed.

Just being on Facebook doesn't cut it anymore. Here's why.

Facebook Ads are going to drive more potential customers to your business than any other paid channel. You just need to have the right targeting strategy and execute with agility and creativity, but right now is the time to take action. This is an opportunity that will pay off many years down the road if you take advantage of it.

Facebook offers some of the most powerful, intuitive and useful advertising units and targeting. Our ads are built around your goals.


Facebook page posts organically reach only 2% of your fans


This means that 98% of your Facebook page’s fans may not see your posts.

What it all includes…

Retargeting Ads

Custom Ad Copy & Creative

Use of Proven Ad Strategies

A/B Split Testing

Facebook Pixel Assistance and Installation

Weekly Campaign Updates

Custom Landing Pages

And what we’ll need from you…

Creative assets (Photos, Videos,)

Client testimonials

Brand guidelines

Proven offers and deals that convert

Follow up system for leads

A clear object for running Facebook Ads

(Leads, Sales, Visits, Clicks, Reach, Awareness)


Does this include a Ad budget?

We design and optimize your ads, however, our monthly managment  fee doesn’t include any ad budget. That is separate and is paid to Facebook.

What kind of results can I expect?

The key indicators we see if a campaign is successful is dependent on the objective of the campaign. Whether it’s traffic, awareness, or actual conversion/sales, We evaluate how many people actually converted into the desired objective.

Can I cancel at any time?

We work our butts off every month to make sure you’re getting the service you deserve. This is why we don’t lock you in any contracts. We just ask and require you to give us a 30 days heads up so we don’t leave a mess! You’ll always have admin access to your profiles.

How many campaigns and ad sets do you do?

Depending on your ad budget, we usually run two campaigns with two ads set in each one. We then split test to see which ads are the most profitable.

Not convinced yet?

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