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Who are we?

 Uproot is a social media marketing company in Atlanta who helps clients in the real estate, political, restaurant, e-commerce, retail, nonprofit, law, sports, health and wellness, church, and many other industries to increase revenue through strategic online marketing and strategy. Hundreds of clients and hundred’s of thousands of new revenue for our clients later, We’ve been on a mission to help small businesses across the country leverage the power of social media and online paid advertising to enhance and grow their business.

We believe you should take care of the more human interactions and focus on what makes your business unique. and let us handle your marketing efforts. Today, we provide online marketing solutions to many thriving local businesses across the U.S. and Canada, and we’re just getting started!

What does it take to market effectively and ethically?


Your advertising should be transparent.

Staying true to your identity and brand guidelines

Harness the power of targeting.

Create content with an emotional reward.

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Mexican Food Chain

“They’re incredibly creative and skilled at generating meaningful content that speaks directly to our customers.”

High End Italian Dining Franchise

Since collaborating with Uproot, sales have increased over 20% and foot traffic at peak times is more consistent. Their creativity, dedication, and expertise have attracted additional customer demographics while accurately maintaining brand authenticity.

Newly Launched Fitness Facility

The website was made from scratch and is maintained along with Facebook and Instagram. Uproot worked hand-in-hand with the gym and always responded to any inquiry within an hour or two.

Experts in online marketing

Our entire team grew up with social media and has a marketing background or education. From startups to franchises, our experience recollects a vast amount of knowledge.

We love small businesses

It’s our passion and even though it sounds cheesy, we mean it when we say, we succeed when our clients succeed. Small businesses have a special place in our heart. 

You know us, we want to meet you!

What are services are you interested in?

Social Media Marketing and Management Solutions for small businesses. 

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